Pastor Joseph Kansema
Pastor Joseph Kansema Founder
Discipleship Ministries was founded by Pastor Joseph Kansema in 1994, in Mafikeng, South Africa. God spoke to Pastor Kansema to move from Botswana where he was serving as an Associate Pastor to Dr. Enoch Sitima.  His moving into South African at a time when there was a lot civil uprisings in the country caused his relative and friends to concerned. However, Pastor Kansema obeyed God and moved to South Africa with his late wife, Salome. This was not an easy transition. In one of his testimonies, he explains how challenging it was for them in the early days of their Ministry in Mafikeng. This is what he said, “I could not have dared to cross the boarder of Botswana and go into South Africa if I did not hear the voice of God clearly.”

Pastor Kansema and his new wife, Michelle, have relocated from Mafikeng to Pretoria where they have pioneered another church.

Michelle Kansema
Michelle Kansema
African Christian Heritage Publishers

Pastor Joseph Kansema believes that it is time for the Church on the continent of Africa to claim its spiritual legacy and pass it on, as a heritage, to the following generations through print media. Even though Africa has had and still has men of God with ministries of great impact, the world has heard nothing about many of them.  Most of them have died and their lives and ministries remain as hidden treasures.

Most African Generals of God can be likened to hidden treasures because most of the work they accomplished has neither been documented nor written in books so as to pass their experiences and wisdom to the next generation.
Pastor Kansema believes that it is time for the Church in Africa to promote the culture of writing and reading. It should no longer be said, “If you want to hide information from an African, write it in a book.”

African Christian Heritage Publishing Company has been established to meet this challenge.


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